This project was created from a collection of screenshots and a script given to me by the Director of Recruitment Management at Southeastern Grocers. During our initial meeting his concept was to show the screens and use highlight boxes to call out sections that were being discussed. I informed him there were ways to make the content more engaging for the user and drew up a few quick sketches on how we could zoom in and out of the different sections of the RMS, use transitions between pages, timed callout boxes timed with the narration and incorporate an oversized cursor pointing to on screen items being discussed.

Using the oversized cursor to help move the eye across the content being narrated has become a standard for all web based application training created at Southeastern Grocers.

  • Project Type: 2D Animation
  • Skills Needed Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects
  • Customer: Southeastern Grocers
  • Project Year: 2017