This video is part 4 of a 9 module New Hire Orientation training series for new associates within the 4 banners of Southeastern Grocers. During the whiteboard sessions for this project the Senior Managers decided that the development of these training videos would be a great opportunity for the content developers to get hands training / experience  learning different aspects of the video production process, It was my responsibility to work with my team members, including the Sr. Managers, how develop shot lists based on scripts, scouting locations, managing and directing actors, set lighting, miking actors, recording audio, using the camera (staging shots) and edit the media with Adobe Premiere.

This video took multiple days at multiple locations using up to 14 actors for a single shot. The actors / actresses are not professionals, they are associates from our stores and store support center, including senior management.

My favorite part of this project was coming up with the SEG Cares sequence where the associates are passing the piggy bank to each other. I came up with the idea while driving home from work one evening. The sequence came out exactly as I saw it.

  • Project Type: Video Production
  • Skills Needed Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects
  • Customer: Southeastern Grocers
  • Project Year: 2018