This video is part of a 4 module training series for Hiring Managers within all 4 banners of Southeastern Grocers. This was a 2 person production team project where I took on the role of Creative Director, Videographer, Audio and Lighting Technician, Media Manager, Editor and Animator.

This is one of my favorite videos that I have made for Southeastern Grocers. With the content being somewhat mundane, I challenged myself to come up with ways to make the content more engaging and fun to watch. I worked with the content developer and came up with side-by-side comparisons for the do’s and don’ts sequences.

While on set the day of the shoot I came up with the idea to switch some of the shots from from a 3rd person over the shoulder view of the hiring manager to a first person perspective. I thought that watching the video it would create a more engaging experience for the hiring manager to see what they looked like from the eyes of the interviewee.

This video is also being used as part of our leadership training program.

  • Project Type: Video Production and Motion Graphics
  • Skills Needed Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects
  • Customer: Southeastern Grocers
  • Project Year: 2018